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Con-Bio Diode Laser Tongue Frenectomy

New York Periodontal Procedure Video

WARNING - This video is GRAPHIC - Watch how Dr. Koeppel uses the Con Bio laser to remove connective tissue on the underside of a tongue that has historically limited movement of the tongue and has caused speech problems.

This young patient selected laser treatment instead of the more common frenectomies performed with a scalpel mainly because of shortened post operative healing, the elimination of suturing, and avoiding the need for additional anesthetics

Pain and discomfort is minimal for this minimally invasive surgery, which typically can be completed in about 5 minutes.

Questions about Laser Procedures?

Dr. Koeppel's Con-Bio Laser is a popular technology choice of our patients. In addition to frenectomies, our in-office applications of laser based treatments include removal of minor lesions in the oral cavity or on the lips and performing a variety of procedures for contouring, reshaping or otherwhise modifying the gingiva.

Pain and discomfort is minimal, if any at all. The Con-Bio laser is Dr. Koeppel's favorite technology for cosmetic dentistry patients undergoing smile line rehabilitation whereby the Rules of Golden Proportion are adhered to. Control over tissue modication on a tooth by tooth basis is unsurpassed, providing patients with gummy smiles a treatment outcome that many agree is unsurpassed.

Patients with specific questions about tissue lasing or how the technology is used for getting rid of gummy smiles are invited to contact Dr. Koeppel for further information.

Call our office at (631) 689-9777 to schedule a complimentary consultation or use our on-line Ask The Dentist form to submit your questions directly to Dr. Koeppel. He will respond to you directly with the information you need for making an informed decison about treatment options.

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