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New York Porcelain Veneer Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Makeover Technology

If there was any major source for catapulting the popularity and effectiveness of porcelain veneer laminates and bonding ... it would certainly be the famous ABC-TV Extreme Makeover and The Swan television programs.

Veneer Smile Makeover
Joe Hollywood
It didn't take long for the "Hollywood Celebrity Smile" phrase to catch on. Within a short time cosmetic dentists everywhere were promoting "Hollywood Makeover Smiles" that were even modeled after famous movie stars.

Luckily, for consumers, the competitive frenzy between dental product manufacturers created a substantial influx of new improved porcelain products with color matching precision that wasn't possible just a few years ago.

Porcelain laminate composition and bonding science changed also, providing experienced dentists the ability to treat not only cosmetic qualities of teeth... but the structural characteristics of teeth that were previously only treatable with crowns.

Davinci, Empress, Procera, Nobel Biocare, Lumineer, Ivoclar... to name a few of the bigger name cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry component manufacturers, provide more choices than ever for changing the functional and cosmetic properties of nearly any tooth.

Different Brands - Different Cosmetics

Dr. Koeppel educates patients about the properties of the different porcelain veneer products offered in our practice. Dr. Koeppel believes, as other accomplished makeover dentists do, there is no single veneer technology that can provide solutions for all patients and dental conditions. Unfortunately.. there are some dentists that do.

Veneer Makeover Types

Large Veneers Long Island
Tilted Spaced Diastema Gaps Long Teeth
Extra Long Teeth
The popular veneer products, including DaVinci and Empress, are outstanding laminates that can mimic natural tooth colors, shading and opalescence to an astounding degree.

Standard Prep Veneer

Premium grade porcelain, as used by Procera, Empress, Davinci and others is perhaps one of the best grades of laminates for creating bright and attractive tooth structures for some of the most problematic teeth.

High prep veneers of this type is the treatment of choice for fixing or repairing rotated teeth, crooked smiles, wide gaps, chipped teeth and even some cases of tetracycline stained teeth. Cosmetic color matching and shading in unsurpassed.

The thickness of the porcelain, in the hands of an accomplished dentist, can be used to reshape and reposition lateral and biting surfaces of teeth. The concepts of Instant Orthodontics or Instant Braces refer to this unique characteristic.

No Prep Veneer - Non Invasive

Another popular brand, Lumineers by Cerinate, can provide a makeover experience that requires little or no tooth preparation. The veneer material is ultra thin and very functional. An ideal treatment choice for patients who may have either compromised tooth enamel or sensitive teeth.

Mid Prep Veneer - Minimally Invasive

A newer veneer product is now available. The Nano Veneer and Vivaneer product offered by Ivoclar. These mid prep veneers do require some tooth prep to accommodate a thicker laminate but this trade off results in the dentist and lab having improved ability at creating realistic color matching that is not as accurate with Lumineer veneers, for some patients.

Reverse Smile Line Chipped
Tilted Uneven Chipped Reverse Smile Line
Chipped Small Uneven

Minimizing the Wrong Choice

Depending on what a patient's particular goal is... the selection of which veneer product to use can be a critical element in achieving long term satisfaction with the cosmetic result... and of course, endurance.

Dr. Koeppel guides his veneer patients through this learning process.. to assure the best choice of technology that will deliver the cosmetic perfection sought by the patient.

Veneer products that mimic natural tooth appearance and shading understandably require a thicker veneer structure... thereby requiring more invasive treatment of the tooth to accommodate the veneer. The principles of Instant Orthodontics can be implemented with the thicker veneer products very efficiently.

Patients who focus on avoiding unnecessary tooth preparation prefer the products that are micro-thin and are superb at for preserving tooth structure. Patients who seek both color quality and tooth preservation will want to evaluate the mid prep veneers.

Best Veneer Benefits

How well a patient benefits from the use of veneer products is determined by the existing tooth structure and oral health habits of each person. Dr. Koeppel offers a range of veneer treatments and products that can achieve practically any cosmetic and functional result wanted... including the popular Celebrity Style makeover result that can have significant impact on social functioning.

Smile Line Long Island
Smile Line Diastema Sizing
Diastema Sizing Smile Line
Comprehensive cosmetic changes to a person's smile and physical appearance are commonly seen to create what we call the "makeover experience." The makeover becomes extended into how people change their appearance, the way they dress, their social behaviors, etc.

Diagnostic Wax Up Modeling

All of Dr. Koeppel's veneer treatments incorporate the use of waxup models and veneer temporaries.

The extra attention to detail provided through these extra steps assures the patient has full input into the design of their new smile (shape, colors, shading, comfort). The use of veneer temporaries further assures our patients that the veneer design they are happiest with... is precisely the one they will receive. Veneer dentistry is a zero tolerance procedure - there is no room for error.

Avoiding the Unwanted Surprises

Horror stories abound on the internet where patients have experienced the worst of what veneer dentistry provides.... bad fit, loose veneers, wrong color, leakage, bleeding gums, etc.

A cursory review of the average bad veneer case reveals that no waxup models were created nor did the patient have the opportunity for a trial period. Read our material on Veneer Failures for more details.

Perfection: Getting Close as Possible

Experienced cosmetic dentists who routinely perform veneer makeovers, reconstructively create entirely new smile lines or correct occlusal problems on a consistent basis fully evaluate the impact of "change" as it affects overall dentition.

Cosmetic Perfect Teeth
The Rewards of Following Protocol
Which are Real - Which are Veneers?
Articulation studies, multiple impressions, the use of provisionals or temporary try-ins (crowns, veneers, bridge prosthetics) are not implemented as an "option" but rather an essential feature of nearly any treatment.

Veneer dentistry is one of the few cosmetic procedures that really can't be "adjusted" well... as can, for example, crowns, partials or bridge prosthetics.

Veneer patients should always confirm for themselves that treatment protocols are being adhered to.... that will produce a cosmetic effect (can't distinguish what is natural and what isn't) that is reflected in the adjacent picture.


Contact us at631-689-1800or use our convenient on-line Consult Request form to arrange a private consultation with Dr. Koeppel. Learn more about veneer dentistry that can be used to treat almost any imaginable cosmetic goal.

Patients with specific questions about the differences in veneer products and tooth preparation requirements are invited to contact Dr. Koeppel directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel will respond to you directly with the answers or information you are seeking.

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