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New York Periodontal Disease Management

Treatment Choices for Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Periodontal disease treatments are provided to our local and state wide patients for not only for preventive purposes.. but more importantly, for our patients seeking major reconstructive dental treatments.

As everyone should know, periodontal disease cumulatively becomes extremely destructive. Periodontitis will cause the loss of teeth and vital bone structures to the extent that some reconstructive procedures may not be possible... even with specialized bone grafting techniques that we are accustomed to using.

Given then, that gum disease should and must be arrested. Dr. Koeppel has been providing traditional perio treatments since his practice has been in existence.

Due to the increasing popularity of non-invasive, minimally invasive and/or non-surgical interventions that are becoming available for several areas of medical and dental treatments, Dr. Koeppel recently began providing a newly FDA approved, non-invasive therapy for effectively treating various degrees of gum disease.

Non Surgical Intervention - FDA Approved Perio Protect ®

Perioprotect Demo Video
Click picture to watch PerioProtect video
Different forms of Periodontal disease are known to have up to a 75% incidence rate in adults. Many adults unknowingly have the beginning stages of these diseases. Click here to watch our multimedia presentation.

Periodontitis, because of its complexity and historical reliance upon invasive therapies, becomes frightening for most of us. Denial, a popular method we all use from time to time when we think about our dental health needs, compels us to create new avoidance behaviors, similar to what we immediately think and do when we perceive a new toothache.

Avoidance behavior for treating a cavity, for example, will lead to a larger cavity. Certainly not an uncommon behavior.

Avoidance behavior for attending to severe gum disease (periodontitis) is a different matter entirely. The forces are so destructive that it can prevent the use of even highly specialized treatments. Loss of teeth is inevitable.

The following list represents some of the common concerns people have regarding a perio exam or treatment:
  • Embarrassed about gums already beginning to bleed
  • Embarrassment because you hate to floss (very common)
  • Fearful that cleanings will be painful
  • Unusually foul breath
  • Sensitive/sore teeth
  • Fear of surgery
  • Fear of loss of teeth
  • Expensive treatments
  • Long appointments
Long Island NY Periodontist The advanced stages of gum disease can now be treated with Perio Protect ® a revolutionary product that enables our patients to receive treatments that are completely non-invasive and assures:
  • No Painful Scraping
  • No Expensive Surgery
  • No Lengthy Appointments
  • No Shots
  • No Pain
The Perio Protect system, which is very easy to use, has been proven (over 16 years of research and clinical trials) to kill harmful bacteria within 72 hours.

Inflammation and swelling become more controlled which eventually leads to the elimination of bleeding gums. Foul breath, for many patients, is eliminated.

New York Non Surgical Long Island Perio

How it Works

Our doctors will fit you with custom made mouth-pieces (trays), similar to bleaching trays. They’re very thin, soft, and comfortable!

A special gel is placed inside of your custom-made trays. This gel seeps above and below the gumline eliminating all calculus (tartar) and bacteria.

You will be instructed on the frequency of wear, based on your diagnosis. The entire treatment is done in the comfort of your own home. This unique treatment also whitens your teeth and freshens your breath, while reducing cavities and gum disease.

At each subsequent dental visit, our hygienist will gently remove any remaining softened deposits and evaluate the progress of your healing. Your dental visits will be quick, easy, and painless.

Perio Protect has become a proven treatment that eliminates most gingival and connective tissue disease problems without traditional perio surgery

More Periodontitis Choices

Patients with more severe symptoms have options to quite literally stopping the active disease process and begin a reconstructive plan for replacing or rebuilding certain lost tissues. Soft and hard tissue grafting products provide a wide range of methods of creating the infrastructure that supports natural or new porcelain based tooth structures.

Technology Choices

Dr. Koeppel provides all of our patients with diagnostic and treatment choices that assure they are either gingivitis free or on their way to halting and possibly reversing damage that has already occurred.

Arestin Antibacterial Medications
Click picture to watch Arestin video
A variety of antibacterial rinses are provided for early stages of gingivitis. Very noninvasive and simple to self-administer (actually quite refreshing, as rinses tend to be).

Arestin and PerioChip are periodontal antibacterial agents that our doctors routinely provide for treating different stages of mild and moderate gum disease.

Arestin, our favorite, provides a very thorough means of removing infected material for our patients with great comfort and has become a popular treatment choice for our patients.

Click here to watch a short animation demonstrating how the Arestin product is formulated and applied into areas needing attention.


Contact Dr. Koeppel and his staff at 631-689-1800 to arrange a consultation for determining the available options for treating different stages of gum disease. Or, you can use our on-line Ask The Dentist form to send any specific questions directly to Dr. Koeppel which he will respond to personally.

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