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Gingivitis - Periodontital Disease

Gum Disease Treatment Planning

More Choices: Minimally Invasive versus Traditional Therapy

Different forms of Periodontal disease are reported to have up to a 75% to 80% incidence rate in adults. Many adults unknowingly have the beginning stages of these diseases.

Most of us, the intelligent adults that we are, may notice the minor symptoms.... but attribute the symptom to something else. Phrases like "I brush too hard"... or "I have been eating too many spicey foods".... are popular adult expressions....

Also known as Periodontitis, it is a frightful term for most of us, which may explain why we all tend to avoid thinking about it or doing something about it. Avoidance behavior in dentistry is normal... very normal for most people.

Avoiding or delaying common treatments like a molar extraction or fillings for common cavities (caries) is commonplace. The cumulative effects delaying these treatments eventually do get our attention.

Gum disease (beginning stages: gingivitis) however does not produce significant and very noticeable symptoms until the major destructive forces are already underway. Bleeding gums, bad breath, or perhaps some minor gum inflammation or recession are conveniently "explained away."

The strength of our avoidance behaviors (yes.. we all have them) vary from person to person and can actually operate in a comically neurotic fashion. We find the darndest reasons for not seeking professional advice (dental consult) when our home remedies don't seem to work.

The following list represents a few of the concerns people have regarding a perio exam or treatment:
  • Long appointments
  • Expensive treatments
  • Sensitive/sore teeth
  • Unusually foul breath
  • Embarrassment because you hate to floss (very common)
  • Embarrased about gums already beginning to bleed
  • Fearful that cleanings will be painful
  • Fear of surgery
  • Fear of loss of teeth
When the symptoms become severe, with gums bleeding and teeth becoming loose, we tend to start paying attention. Unfortunately this level of belated intervention is now at the crisis level, and can cause serious bone, tissue and tooth loss.

Reconstructive and Restorative Dentistry

Many adult patients discover the more mild degrees of gum disease when undergoing routine treatments, including basic cosmetic dentistry. As a safeguard for promoting the best oral health possible, it is commonplace for dentists to recommend the total arrest or cure of any perio disease symptoms.

In our office, patients are assisted in overcoming their infection issues with choices of treatment that are usually selected based on the treatment time required. Traditional therapies tend to achieve the healthiest tissue outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Matching Periodontal Treatment with Reconstructive Needs

Non Surgical Choices

Non invasive or minimally invasive therapies, which are becoming increasingly popular, tend to require a longer treatment interval. Ideally, gum disease treatment choice can be matched to the degree and type of restorative or reconstructive treatments desired by each patient.

Popular products and technologies including PerioProtect, Arestin, PerioChip and hybrid laser devices can replace or serve as an adjunctive treatment for removing diseased tissues.

Gum Disease Management: Assessing Cure Potentials

In our office Dr. Koeppel provides various types of intervention treatments regardless of the stage of the disease process. Extremely minor symptoms are typically treated non-surgically with some patient education, a professional quality cleaning followed up perhaps with short term use of antibiotic medications.

Early stages of Gingivitis can be effectively treated and, with perfect patient compliance, can actually be reversed. This "window" of gum disease reversal is short lived however, just in case you are thinking of delaying treatment, especially after reading this page.

Dr. Koeppel provides each and every patient a menu of choices for arranging treatments that offer different degrees of disease management or control within different time frames. Typically, the more minimally invasive treatments are a good choice for patients who are focused on gum disease treatment only.

Other patients, such as those who are focused on certain cosmetic or reconstructive services may elect to choose treatments that can be accelerated to minimize the delay of certain cosmetic or reconstructive (makeover) goals.


Call us at 631-689-1800 or use our convenient on-line Consultation Request form to schedule an evaluation. Learn how effortless gum disease treatments can be.

For patients who have specific questions about gingivitis, periodontitis or any of the material on this page, Dr. Koeppel can contacted directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel with reply directly to you with the information or answers you are seeking.

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