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Reconstructive Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Same Day Immediate Load Tooth Replacements

Immediate Function Long Island New York Nobel Biocare was one of the first innovators of the Immediate Load Dental Implant.

Engineering concepts applied to the overall design of the implant, the insertion method and especially the patented etching process on the implant threads enabled implantologists to create a functional implant that could be restored all in one day.

Traditional Implants versus One Day

Implant dentistry, in general terms, involves the creation of an implant site that accommodates a specific titanium structure that becomes fused with the surround bone tissue. This process is called Osseointegration.

Depending on the overall health of a jawbone in a specific location, the entire process of normal osseointegration can take anywhere from 3 months to as many as 9 months. Factors that influence this healing process are numerous and can include: medication histories, existence of current disease processes (dental or medical), eating habits, congenital jawbone characteristics, occlusal factors and bone porosity values.

Location Factors

Not all teeth can be replaced and restored with the immediate load concept. Complicated extraction sites involving convoluted root structures (common with molars) may involve a loss of bone that would require a traditional implant and possibly bone and tissue grafting surgeries.

Tooth structures that have a simple root structure and are extracted without complication usually produce an ideal implant site that can accommodate any one of several immediate load implants that Dr. Koeppel routinely uses for creating the one day tooth replacement result.

Customized Treatments: One Day Implants

Nobel Biocare has developed a variety of procedures and implant components that have revolutionized certain aspects of single and multiple teeth replacements.

Teeth-In-An Hour is one such patented treatment protocol that combines 3D imaging data, computer generated Implant Guides and custom milled Titanium Bridges that can accommodate a full arch of new teeth. All-On-Four (AO4) is a similar treatment.

The new NobelActive implant has just become available that can eliminate the need for bone grafting supplements or augmentation for some patients. It's proprietary design and surface textures can actually accelerate the important osseointegration process.

Depending on bone health, number of tooth structures involved and considerations for cosmetic and functional results, Dr. Koeppel can create a custom treatment that delivers results wanted by just about any patient.

Loading the Restoration (Crown)

Immediate Load implants placed in solid, uncompromised bone enable patients to avoid the somewhat goofy looking appearance of being toothless. Nobody really chooses that option.

The One Day Cosmetic Crown is usually referred to as the Provisional Restoration (or crown) that is made of acrylic material and fills the void created by the missing tooth. Aesthetically... it looks great.

The immediate load implant, despite it's ideal properties, still benefits from the osseointegrative process. This healing process is essential in all implant cases.

The crown is placed at a height were occlusal forces are minimized, thereby preventing any undue chewing and biting forces to disturb the implant site. As the healing progresses to completion, the final restorative crown (porcelain or acrylic) is placed at normal positioning to complement the overall bite and occlusal plane.

At the completion of treatment (occurs quickly - same treatment session), patients are instructed by Dr. Koeppel to be watchful over eating habits and perhaps altering the manner in which certain foods are eaten, to better control the unwanted event of disturbing the implant site.

The initial acrylic restoration provides the added insurance of failing (cracking, falling off, etc) BEFORE destructive forces impinge upon the implant device. This is a rare instance where patients are comforted in knowing they have a restoration that is designed to fail quickly, rather than telegraph an unwanted biting pressure to the newly inserted implant device.


Teeth In A Day has become a popular procedure in our office. There are, nonetheless, many considerations that will determine who is a good candidate.

Call our office at 631-689-1800 to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Koeppel to learn more about different tooth replacement possibilities. You can also use our on-line Consult Request form to request an appointment.

Patients with more specific questions are invited to contact Dr. Koeppel directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.

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