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New York Mini Dental Implants

New Choices - New Standards in Tooth Replacement

Denture Anchoring

Long Island denture implants Dentures no longer have to be uncomfortable, loose fitting, noisy and difficult to eat with.

Recent advances in Prosthodontics and denture fabrication processes, coupled with the intelligent use of mini dental implants enables creative dentists to offer treatment outcomes that were once thought unaffordable by many patients.

Dr. Koeppel provides a wide variety of tooth replacement technologies that incorporate the latest advancements in implant dentistry. Imtec Mini Dental Implants (MDI), the company that is considered to be the innovators of denture implant devices, has established a proven record of treatment possibilities that didn't exist just a few years ago.

Denture anchoring or stabilization of dentures have become a popular choice for many of our patients. Placement of Imtec implants, by virtue of their design and size, can be a convenient and affordable treatment option for patients seeking denture products that feel as good as they look.

Dentures and Fixed Bridges

The adjacent drawing reflects a common configuration of mini implant devices in the lower (mandibular) jaw and the o-ring fasteners that will align with the metal housings that are incorporated into the denture or fixed bridge by Dr. Koeppel.

Implant placement is usually dictated by the integrity of the jawbone and usually varies from patient to patient. While this graphic shows placement of 4 implants, many patients may choose to have more implants placed, wherever possible.

The Imtec implant, because of its inherent design features and size, eliminates the need for time consuming bone grafting procedures which typically require several months of healing that integrates the implant with the jawbone (process of osseointegration).

More Choices: Non invasive Imtec versus Traditional Implants

Imtec and Sterngold mini implants provide increased choices for patients seeking to minimize the invasive properties of many popular dental procedures and treatments.

Long Island NY Imtec Miniature implants can also provide the best treatment choice for patients who have had bone loss issues and choose newer alternatives that can minimize the need for extensive bone grafting procedures. Our in-office CatScan imaging equipment assists patients in determining the need for grafts.

See and hear an interesting 4 minute video clip that discusses and demonstrates Imtec surgery principles to gain a functional understanding of why Imtec implants have become so popular... not only in our practice, but nationwide. Click here to watch.

Decision Making: Mini Implants versus Regular Implantology

Patients with special circumstances regarding current tissue health and the appropriateness of implant surgery are invited to contact Dr. Koeppel for assistance in obtaining the information needed for making an informed treatment decision.

Call our office at (631)318-0000 to schedule a consult to learn more about the possibilities of having dentures that don't feel or function like dentures.

Patients are invited to contact Dr. Koeppel directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel will respond directly with the answers and information you are seeking.

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