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New York Reconstructive Implant Dentistry

Fixed Bridge - Implant Supported Multiple Tooth Replacement

Dental bridges provide patients with an intelligent and cost effective solution for replacing one or more teeth that typically cover a range of adjacent teeth.

Dental Bridge After Photo East Setauket NY
Cosmetic Fixed Implant Bridge
Short bridges are often used on the same jaw structure (posterior bridges on either side of the front, anterior teeth).

Bridgework can also span an entire arch....all 12 or 14 teeth, assuming wisdom teeth no longer exist. For entire spans, where no healthy remaining tooth structures exist, implants of one form or another are required to keep the prosthetic teeth in a fixed position.

Full arch prosthetic teeth without implants is a treatment that describes a normal denture product (dentures are a form of a removable bridge).

Common Popular Bridgework Dentistry

Cemented dental bridges are very popular. Insurance companies like them too. Affordability can be a breeze when compared to other more costly treatment options.

Cemented Bridge Gone Bad
Krazy Glue Doesn't Work
Cemented bridgework however, requires strict patient compliance with oral health habits, routine office visits to the dentist, and vigilant monitoring of eating and chewing habits. Because of these "responsibility issues"...... cemented bridges have the highest failure rate.

See our adjacent photos for common bacteria and leakage failures.

Implant Supported Bridges

Dental implants are known to be the Gold Standard of Tooth Replacement by virtue of the bone stimulating characteristics of implant devices and the ability to attach true designer grade porcelain products that mimic real teeth.

Decay at Anchor Crowns
Internal Decay at Posts
The surgical procedures, tissue therapies (repair - replacement) and hybrid implant devices however, as in any type of medical surgery, can be costly to implement for some patients.

Barring complication arising from bone or tissue disease, trauma, bad occlusion, patient neglect and rampant bacteria build up, nothing surpasses dental implants in having the greatest potential for having and maintaining near perfect oral health and dentition.

Bridgework that is permanently anchored and fortified with traditional implants offer patients an "in-between" intelligent means of getting the most economic and treatment benefit from combinations of procedures.

Ceramic Implant Bridge
Ceramic Zirconia Implant Bridge Frame
Costs for several implants to replace every failed tooth can be substantially reduced with custom bridges that provide the bone building properties of implant devices.

Long spans can be easier to accommodate with metal infrastructures and strategic implant placements and therefore allow the creative implant dentist to maximize the value of the treatment dollar.

Porcelain Bridge Teeth and Crowns

Fixed bridgework permits the use of high end cosmetic dentistry products that can be out of reach for most patients who are considering individual restorations for a series of individual implants.

Titanium Bridge Frame Long Island
Titanium and Procera Examples
Nobel Biocare, for example (one of Dr. Koeppel's favorite technology sources) provides nearly every porcelain product used in their individual crowns in custom bridgework.

Short spans... long spans.... zirconia, high noble gold and titanium bridge frames that potentially can last forever.

The adjacent pictures of Nobel Biocare products demonstrates the range of technical expertise and cosmetic creativity that can be used by dentists like Dr. Koeppel who provide the widest range of tooth replacement choices... regardless of budget.

Ceramic Short Span Implant Bridge
Zirconia Porcelain Tinted Gingival Porcelain

The Wisest Choice?

Ironically, the patients who make the wisest choices of what multi-tooth replacement procedure should be used are those who have had failures with previously cemented bridges. The first picture on this page represents a common example.

Most patients who are considering bridgework for the first time, commonly select the most economical treatment. The choice is a good one and can be very efficient... for folks who quickly acquire the daily oral health habits, maintenance and healthy eating and chewing habits required for cemented bridges.

Healthy Implants Long Island
Multiple Implants for One Bridge
Predictable Rock Solid Endurance
Patients who suspect however they may not have the diligence required will be reminded by Mother Nature very quickly that bacteria, as living organisms will grow and thrive, causing decay at critical areas of hard and soft tissues (anchor and support teeth, adjacent gum tissues).

Leakage caused a breakdown in cementation strength... while biting forces on the bridge create the torque for destroying what is supposed to be a rock solid anchor point. Once initiated, it is almost impossible to remediate without more treatment.

Although bacteria can infect an implant site, there is no concern about a cementation failure occurring. Implant bridges are secured mechanically... by the dentist and typically cannot be removed by the patient (a new Marius Bridge product has overcome this event).

Fixed implant supported bridgework provides unbelievable function and longevity. Patients following through with routine visits back to our office for cleaning (asepsis) and inspection can indeed prevent the need for retreatment.

The Right Choice?

Many patients do very very well with cemented dental bridges. Patients who want to assure themselves of not being required to repeat treatment with tooth and gum preparations that might be additionally invasive need only to be objective and honest with themselves about self care habits.

Dental Bridge After Photo East Setauket NY
Getting it Right The Second Time Around
Krazy Glued Bridge Restored
Patients with busy lifestyles, busy work schedules, frequent traveling, high profile career activities are encouraged to consult with Dr. Koeppel for help in making a decision that makes the most sense... in the short term AND the long term.

Call our office at 631-689-1800 to schedule a consult to learn more about the differences of cemented and implant supported bridgework.

Patients with specific questions about porcelain cosmetics, gum loss, bone loss or any other condition that can affect efficient use of bridgework are invited to contact Dr. Koeppel directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel will respond directly with the answers and information you are seeking.

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