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Reconstructive Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Denture Cost and Treatment Dynamics

When Low Cost Treatments becomes High Cost Dentistry

Best Denture Choice
Cosmetic Prosthesis Modeling
Many patients seeking easily affordable tooth replacement prefer the advantages offered by denture products. Clinics and denture practices that are able to use mass production facilities routinely provide the most economical tooth replacements that can work well for many patients.

There is a larger group of patients however, that have difficulties with mass produced products. The problems encountered are typically related not to the denture product (unless cosmetics are important) but rather the health and condition of the existing teeth and jawbone at the time of treatment.

Diagnostic Service Differences

Loose dentures, excessive bleeding, painful biting, excessive use of adhesives, speech problems, migraine headaches, tmj occlusal dysfunction, sinus issues, amplified overbite (horse teeth appearance), unsuccessful - multiple relines, and seemingly uncurable gag reflex issues are more often than not caused by hard and soft tissue characteristics that are usually not addressed.

Best Denture Choice
New Teeth Manufacture

Post Treatment Denture Expenses

The patients who discover, after the fact, that newly emerging dental problems similar to those mentioned in the preceding paragraph can be difficult or impossible to treat.... and involve more expense.

Cost savings in terms of money initially saved can be outstripped by treatments that weren't provided during critical stages of treatment. The cost in terms of lost dental function or rapid deterioration of jawbone and soft tissue, however, is more difficult to endure.

Achieving Low Prices

Pricing differences for all of the different products reflect the type and quality of materials used, fabrication and adjustment time and the amount of time invested by the doctor in articulation studies, fitting adjustments needed to create the amount of change (cosmetic and functional) requested by the patient.

In general terms, the greatest savings occurs with minimizing the time elements which affect the impression process, fabrication process and final fitting process. For patients who are not the statistical average, the time savings can result in a denture with substandard fit, thereby creating more bone loss and soft tissue damage, possibly rendering the denture unusable.

Oral Surgery - Jawbone Preparation
Denture Clinics Private Dentists, Prosthodontists
Extractions via conventional methods Extractions are minimally invasive
Bone leveling rarely provided Bone leveling is always included as needed
Sedation provided at basic level Sedation provided as needed to assure best comfort
Socket grafts for extraction sites not provided Socket and bone grafts routinely used for all extraction sites to accelerate healing, prevent bone loss pockets and eliminate post surgical bleeding
Ridge splitting grafting for low areas rarely provided Ridge splitting grafting for low areas provided as needed to assure a level, thick ridge of bone under the entire denture

The degree of focus on diagnostic and service procedures outlined above during the primary phase of treatment (removal of disease and tissues both hard and soft) determines to what extent patients will encounter the "typical" denture problems.

Denture Products
Entry Level Denture Premium Grade
Provided by Denture Clinics Provided by Dentists, Prosthodontists
Laboratories operated in a mass production environment Laboratory processes performed on a custom, case by case basis. Assurance of premium grade materials, no porosity, precise alignment and fit of all biting surfaces (occlusal relationships)
Made in 2-3 visits Made in 4-7 visits
One impression taken for final denture One impression taken for initial training denture. Final adjustments to overcome shrinkage of gum tissues are overcome by using functional impressions made during chewing motions to insure an accurate fit during chewing. Built into final denture, creating a tight, more natural fit
Made with common plastic teeth Made with choice of high grade acrylics, porcelain, crowns, fillings, etc. to simulate or match real teeth
Pink gums or ethnic color choices Gum areas are made to precisely match existing gum tissue characteristics of the patient, includes special shading, tinting, etc.
Manufactured with a hot water process - Shrinkage approximately 7% Manufactured with acrylic injection mold process - Shrinkage under .1% (one tenth of 1 percent) creates tighter more perfect fit (prevents sores)
Not made on Articulator Made on Articulator (bite-occlusal studies) to assure proper fit and natural appearance and alignment of teeth to eliminate a false or slanted look. Critical for assuring best cosmetic appearance possible, normal bite, proper jawbone relationships.
Collapsed smile reconstruction - minimal Articulator studies enable dentist to build denture features that create new lip support and eliminate the collapsing granny mouth effect. Vertical Dimension and Bite is normalized
Underbite - Overbite Correction - minimal Articulator studies enable dentist to recreate physical relationships in jaw positioning and movement that correct resting positions of maxilla and mandible that best approximates what Mother Nature provides
Speech - Phonetics testing not available Special phonetics and speech testing performed to confirm ability to properly articulate "S", "V","CH" and "F" sounds
1-2 Try ins for final fitting Multiple visits to assure best fitting
Soft liners not provided Soft cushions used to create best comfort and retention for lower dentures
Special Aesthetics not available Custom sizing, shading and tinting of individual teeth. New process provides appearance of Laser Teeth Whitening.

Sizing options eliminate problem of horse teeth effect.

Tooth spacing, rotations and overlaps created to mimic appearance of natural teeth - overcomes appearance of The Denture Look
Use with denture implants later - not always available.

Later adaptation or conversion to bone preserving (and bone growth) prosthetics not available.

Custom dentures provide patients with transition to implants and mini-implants to insure the ability to create cosmetic and functional results that are similar to Reconstructive Cosmetic Dentistry

Custom dentures are now a popular treatment path for affordable treatment now with promise of easy upgrades later when patients see the need for premium bone growth and/or preservation.


Patients seeking information about dentures as a first time treatment or denture products that surpass the suitability of their present denture are invited to call our office at 631-689-1800 to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more. Or, you can use our on-line Consult Request form for a staff member to contact you.

Patients who have specific questions about information discussed on this page are encouraged to contact Dr. Koeppel directly with our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Koeppel will respond to you directly with the answers or information you are seeking.

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