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Preventing Worse NY Reconstructive

Especially in times of economic crisis, parents or spouses put the needs of their family members ahead of themselves and often forget how long its been since they have had check ups or much needed work done. Not many people are thinking about their dentistry all the time, so it can easily slip our minds and then soon, we can’t remember the last time we went to the dentist! The next thing you know, a toothache knocks at the door, and the dentist is the only person you want to see!

It should not have to be so difficult to get into the dentist office, but for those who put others in front of themselves, it often times is. The term “preventing worse” is used to describe a holding or stable point for dental treatment while other issues, financial or emotional, are sorted out.  


Unfinished Dental Treatment….

When teeth are neglected for long period of time, problems develop or get worse. Things never get better with time, when it comes to dentistry. The longer a patient waits to get treatment done, the more costly and extensive treatment becomes.
For example, if a patient has a small filling to be done, but decides to hold off for a while the filling might get bigger and require a larger filling to fix. If the cavity continues to progress the patient might need a crown, or even a root canal. Once the tooth is past the point of fixing, it will need to be extracted and an implant placed. Procrastinating dental treatment usually means, fixing it will be more complicated and costs will increase. 

However, if a patient is in immediate need of a restoration, for pain or esthetics, we are able to temporize a problem area until the patient is ready to proceed with a long term option.

Critical needs, such as pain or immediate esthetics (a front tooth), are always treated first.  Getting a patient out of pain or discomfort is Dr. Koeppel’s  number one priority. The idea of “preventing worse” is to eventually take care of every problem the patient is having, at their pace,  while gracefully respecting their financial obligations (their budget).

Step-Wise Dentistry

The concept of “phased out”, “up-gradable” or step-wise dentistry really just means dentistry in affordable steps. Dr. Koeppel is aware that especially in this economic situation many patients need time to gradually finance their treatment. They need it to be affordable.

Step-wise dentistry allows for patients to stretch out their treatment time, without sacrificing their teeth for function or esthetics. Dr. Koeppel’s expertise in the field of dentistry allows him to triage situations that will help prevent the patient from spending more money in the long run  Using a hybrid denture as an example, we are able to understand how the step-wise method works.

Lets say a patient has a few upper teeth, supporting a fixed upper bridge. But all the teeth are severely decayed, and the bridge continues to fall out. Ideally the patient would like to have all the upper teeth extracted, implants placed, and a permanent restoration placed in one visit. But because of financial resources, the patient cannot afford this all at once. So using Dr. Koeppel’s step-wise method we begin treatment.

The patient comes in and we remove all the decayed teeth and get the patient into an immediate denture that same day. Then a few months, or a year later the patient decides to have the implants placed. After that they move to an upper hybrid implant supported bridge, a year or two after that. Each step was done at the patients pace, and they never had to go a day without teeth, function and a beautiful smile.

With Step-Wise dentistry, the timeline is in your, the patients, hands. And the ability to move forward is always there. Dr. Koeppel will work side by side with you building a treatment plan that fits your budget and goals.

Investment Options

As a courtesy to our patients, our office has many resources that can help you get care on a timely basis.  Interest free financing is available at our office.

  1. CapitalOne Credit - offers interest-free and fixed rate loans. Payment plans up to 60 months with low monthly payments
  2. CareCredit - a popular provider promoted by many health care offices. Care Credit offers a variety of flexible payment plans with a choice of interest rates as low as 0 percent, (interest free).
  3. Springstone Patient Financing - Offers attractive interest rates and easy payment as well.
  4. VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, are excepted as well.



Contact our office today at 631-689-1800 to make arrangements for discussing how our financing resources can be creatively used to prevent treatment needs from increasing. You can also use our Consultation Form for making these arrangements.

Have a particular question in mind related to material that appears or doesn't appear on this page? You can also contact Dr. Koeppel directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form, to obtain some answers to your dental questions. Get the objective information you need for having the opportunity to get the timely treatments you may need for stopping the cycle of things getting worse.

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